Company History

Company History and Chronology

Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc. was founded in 1996 by Gregory P. Pilant to investigate and commercialize new wound-healing technologies - both natural and synthetic - and license them for distribution.

A wound treatment made from botanical oak bark extract.

More than five years and millions of dollars later, Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc. isolates the active ingredients in the botanical formulation that are responsible for wound healing. Soon after, Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc. begins a series of scientific and clinical studies in Europe to investigate the mechanism of action of the products and to test their efficacy and safety in human subjects.

DerMax® is approved as a Class IIa medical device in the EU. After the submission of additional clinical and scientific data, DerMax® is reclassified as a Class IIb medical device. DerMax® is launched in 21 countries.

Epi-Max® is cleared for sale in the United States by the FDA as a combination product governed by the medical device regulation 510(k).

MelMax® is launched in Europe and the Middle East.


Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc. signed a multi-national License Agreement with 3M.


Greystone Pharmaceuticals Inc. reorganized and the operations of all the assets of the Company were awarded to 

Presidia Pharmaceuticals.  


The Wound Care Co. LLC was formed to undertake all the order globally.


The Asian office for the Companies was formed.


The new generation of the technology was developed, and a new patent was filled.


Accellerex was approved for sale in Taiwan.