Anti-aging Products

Anti-Aging Cream with QBx™

• anti-aging remedy

• Corrects fine lines and winkles in as little as 1-2 weeks.

• Protects and prevents future damage and aging of the skin.

• Improves overall complexion and tonicity.


The woundcare company(“the company”)is focused on proprietary, pro-active tissue regenerative dermatological formula for anti-aging  Radién™ skin care line. 

Red Oak Bark Extract Story

The Company develops, manufactures and markets a suite of products using its patented technology for the treatment of  chronic wounds.  Chronic wounds are generally defined as wounds that have not healed after thirty days of consistent clinical treatment ,and include diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers(bedsores), and venous stasis ulcers. The Company′s broadly-enabling technology was discovered from Red Oak Bark Extract and referred to as QBx™. 

• Contains patented QBx™  which enhances growth factors,  regulates MMP′s and reduces inflammation.