Anti-Aging Cream with QBx™

• anti-aging remedy

• Corrects fine lines and winkles in as little as 1-2 weeks.

• Protects and prevents future damage and aging of the skin.

• Improves overall complexion and tonicity.

The woundcare company (" the company ") is focused on proprietary, pro-active tissue regenerative dermatological formula for anti-aging  Radién™ skin care line. 

The Company develops, manufactures and markets a suite of products using its patented technology for the treatment of  chronic wounds.  Chronic wounds are generally defined as wounds that have not healed after thirty days of consistent clinical treatment ,and include diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers(bedsores), and venous stasis ulcers. The Company′s broadly-enabling technology was discovered from Red Oak Bark Extract and referred to as QBx™. 

• Contains patented QBx™  which enhances growth factors, regulates MMP′s and reduces inflammation.

QBx™ down regulates the production of certain proteases and matrix metalloproteases, or MMPs, which are protein enzymes that are proven to impede the healing of a majority of chronic wounds.

Approximately 80%of chronic wounds display elevated levels of proteases (including MMPs), which  impede or stop the wound-healing process.QBx™ contributes to setting up a suitable environment  to allow wounds to close.

Proteases have recently been identified as a contributing factor affecting aging skin. The Company has also worked with strategic partners to develop a line of cosmeceutical  skin care products trade named Radién™ utilizing the same QBx™ technology found in its advanced woundcare dressings. 

The Company′s  protease targeting technology , QBx™  ,this will  allow this product  line to provide superior skin care treatment.

At a number of universities, further research found that QBx™ was effective in controlling a group of enzymes associated with the breakdown of collagen and tissue in the skin.The breakdown of collagen is a key factor  in the aging of skin.

Radién™,a  new concept in skin cream,is based on extensive clinical trials and pharmaceutical technology. When it is applied to the skin, it significantly reduces wrinkles due to  aging and other skin problems.

Radién™ has three active ingredients for rapid and long-lasting effect. The most important  is a synthesized extract of red oak bark. This patented  ingredient, QBx™ (for  quercus  (oak) bark extract , has remarkable  qualities , and is the key to this new product. The other active  ingredients help prevent the degrading action of natural skin aging The skin cream base is the finest combination  of botanicals and moisturizers available today , as verified by double- blind clinical trials.

The initial products are a day cream, a night cream , and a Eye Soufflé.  It is to be applied after normal skin cleaning and toner application( if desired), as  is customary in skin care. Since it is very smooth , a small amount may be sufficient.

The present product containers are packaged in airless pumps. The day cream has a slight Green Tea fragrance , while the night cream does not. The packaging is in process of being redesigned and will be elegant and attractive.

Active product ingredients:

• QBx™ limits the damage caused by the skin enzymes, helping reduce the breakdown of collagen , laminin , elastin and other components of the skin . Research over the last 10 years has found  age- related changes in activity of these enzymes affected by QBx™ can reduce skin degradation and loss of skin tone.  QBx™ enhances growth factors , regulates MMPs and reduces inflammation.