A new, innovative technology for treating wounds

About Epi-Max

Epi-Max, an aceytelated regenerated cellulose (ARC) sterile wound dressing, is a prescription combination device that provides the benefits of an innovative wound dressing with dual active ingredients.
This new wound treatment has three modes of action to address a wide variety of acute and chronic wounds*:
  1. Physical protection of the wound site
  2. Supports a moist wound environment
  3. Dual active ingredient combination
Indications for use

Epi-Max aceytelated regenerated cellulose (ARC) sterile wound dressings are approved for use with the following wound types:
  • pressure ulcers (stages I - IV)
  • stasis ulcers
  • diabetic skin ulcers
  • skin irritations
  • cuts
  • abrasions