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Additional Wound Management Information – Key Sites
Greystone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. wants to provide web sites that provide useful information for anyone interested in wound management. Although we believe that the web site links offered in this section are legitimate and related to wound care, Greystone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. does not endorse the information on these linked web sites and encourages you to carefully assess the information that you find on the internet.

World Union of Wound Healing Societies
European Tissue Repair Society
European Wound Management Association
Wounds U.K.
Tissue Viability Nurses Association
Tissue Viability Society
Wound Healing Research Unit
Austrian Wound Association (German only)
Czech Wound Management Society (Czech only)
SFFPC (French Only)
Wound Management Association of Ireland
Icelandic Wound Healing Society
Italian Nurse Association for the Study of Cutaneous Wounds (Italian only)
Italian Association for Cutaneous Ulcers (Italian only)
Danish Wound Healing Society
Dutch Organization of Wound Care Nurses (Dutch only)
Finnish Wound Care Society (Finnish only)
Norwegian Wound Society (Norwegian only)
Portugese Wound Management Association (Portugese only)
Swedish Wound Healing Society
The Leg Ulcer Forum

Association for Advancement of Wound Care
American Symposium on Wound Management
The Wound Healing Society
American Professional Wound Care Society
Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurses Society
Wound Care Institute
World Wide Wounds
American Diabetes Association
American Podiatry Medicine Association
Molecular Sciences Department at University of Tennessee

Canadian Association of Wound Care
Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy

Australia/New Zealand
Australian Wound management Association
New Zealand Wound Care Society

Wound Healing Association of South Africa

Ostomy Wound Management
Advances in Skin and Wound Care
International Wound Journal
Journal of Wound Care
Wound Care Canada