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ACCELEREX woundcare product for approval in Taiwan!

The Accelerex woundcare product is the brand for approval in Taiwan and Asia.  Accelerex is a woundcare product for chronic and hard to heal wounds that utilizes one of The Wound Care Co. LLC's broadly-enabling therapuetic technologies... a synthetic composition of polyhydrated ionohens known as “PHI™.” 

Accelerex will sell  in Taiwan and Asia: 


  • Patches (10cm*10cm)



The Wound Care Co. LLC

sole Agent In Asia &Asian Regional Office Taipei
Chyuanchya Bio-Tech Co.
Mr. Allan Lan
Director International Sales and Distribution

Asia Office

12F.,No.38,Fuxing N.Rd.,

Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City,10488.Taiwan, R.O.C.

TEL:+886 2 2752 9956
FAX:+886 2 2752 2166

Announcing The Wound Care Co. LLC Appointment

How do we compete? By offering the most effective technology on the market and by having consistently pleasant and professional service available in all areas worldwide.  Our management philosophy is simple . . . we provide our customers with the products they need and a level of quality service that exceeds their expectations. We select associates for their ability to live up to this promise. That's why we selected Mr. Allan Lan as our company representative for Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. 


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